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Attendance, absences and travel

Regular attendance at school for every student is essential if students are to achieve their potential, and increase their career and life options. Schools in partnerships with parents are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students. While parents are legally responsible for the regular attendance of their children, school staff, as part of their duty of care, record and monitor part and whole day absences. Schools, in providing a caring teaching and learning environment, which addresses the learning and support needs of students, including those with additional learning and support needs or complex health conditions, foster students’ sense of wellbeing and belonging to the school community.

Attendance is recorded each day. As a parent or caregiver you are responsible for ensuring your child attends school every day, including sports days unless your child:

- is sick, or has an infectious illness

- has an unavoidable medical or dental appointment (preferably these should be made after school or during holidays)

- is required to attend a recognised religious holiday

- is required to attend an exceptional or urgent family circumstance (such as attending a funeral)

If you are having difficulty getting your child to attend school regularly, you might like to talk to the school principal or the school counsellor.

Late arrivals

If your child is late to school they will need to go to the School Office before they join their class. Their late attendance will be recorded and a late slip printed out, which is to be given to the class teacher by the child.

Early departures

If you need to collect your child from school early, please inform their teacher and the office via email with the reason prior to collecting them. You can call the office when you arrive at the main gate on Byron St and your child will be sent out to you.

If someone other than the child’s parent is collecting the child from school early, please send written permission with the child to school, stating who is collecting the child and why, or alternatively please email the office staff via to inform them.

If you have a late change to routine from 12pm each day, we ask that you please phone 9315 7255 with the variation.


If your child is unwell and/or unable to attend school you must provide their teacher/school with a written explanation of their absence within seven days. Please email the office via

Travel during school term

Families are encouraged to travel or holiday during school holidays. If this is not possible and your child will be missing 3 or more days in a row due to travel, you will need to download, fill out and email back an Application for Extended Leave form and attach a copy of your flight details or eligibility to enrol in Distance Education. Where the principal considers that the travel is appropriate a Certificate of Extended Leave will be issued. Absences relating to travel will be marked as leave on the roll and contribute to your child's total absences for the year.