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Visible learning

What is Visible Learning?

Visible Learning research synthesises findings from 1400 meta-analyses of 80,000 studies involving 300 million students. It is based on 15 years of Professor John Hattie's educational research into what works best in education. Such research delves deeper and provides insight into the efficacy of a range of teaching and learning strategies, and their ability to influence student achievement and outcomes.

The development of a Visible learner can be summarised into four mindframes for impact. These include, Learning Dispositions, Assessment Capability, Learning Processes and Feedback.

At Coogee Public School, we are dedicated to building a culture and community of visible learners. We have adapted and integrated elements of Visible Learning to best suit our learners, context, community and school strategic plan. This journey of implementing such elements has been supported through working closely with specialist practitioners, collaborating with schools within our network, and through alongside the whole staff and parent community.

Different faucets of Visible Learning that we have integrated at Coogee Public School include the usage of learning partners at a whole school level. Learning intentions and success criteria across key learning areas are also used by teachers, to support the explicit teaching and differentiation of learning for students. A range of assessment practices are also employed to provide a clear understanding of students' needs and how to best support them in future learning. As a school, we integrate and use a range of different feedback strategies to support students to become visible learners.

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